Carneyval & Jackson Breit – It Ain’t Love [audio]


For those following the movements of LA-based musician Carneyval in 2016, year highlights have included Hype Machine chart topping remixes of Coldplay and Kendrick Lamar, collaborations with Russ Liquid, opening slots for the likes of Big Gigantic, The Floozies, and Freddy Todd, and his summer hit “Tell Me Something Good” featuring Jackson Breit. Not quite finished with the year yet, Carenyval, real name William Carney, is again teaming up with Jackson Breit on new single “It Ain’t Love.”

Hand-picked by Gramatik for his label Lowtemp, “It Ain’t Love” is a heaping dose of soul and funk with those same upbeat tempos that won the duo their previous hit this past summer. Featuring percussive and trumpet instrumentation by Carneyval, the track’s infectious vocal top-line is provided courtesy of Breit’s staggering range.

“It Ain’t Love” is about the hustle and struggles that come along with pursuing your dreams, particularly in the entertainment industry. The song conveys the message that doing what you love is not enough to gain success in your field. It is the continuous grind and ability to ride the wave of highs and lows that define your career.”
-Jackson Breit

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