Substantial’s The Past Is Always Present In The Future Now Availalbe on Cassette

It’s only been a week since Substantial released his fourth solo album, The Past Is Always Present In The Future, yet the album has received so much praise from fans and media outlets alike. It’s currently the #1 best selling Rap album on Bandcamp.

“Substantial strings a conceptual string through the past, present and future on his new effort titled “The Past Is Always Present In The Future”. As per usual, substantial delivers yet another emotionally powerful body of work, mixing his life experiences, current events and much more with that oomph that makes his style unique.” –

“Substantial has gifted listeners many insights into his artistry and personal experiences for over a decade, and with this release it’s breathtaking to hear just how far he has come. Substantial seems to effortlessly supply introspective and powerful lyrics over smooth, soulful, and mesmerizing production.” – knowar, fan

“A beautiful, thoughtful, and powerful work of art crafted to impact you with skillful lyrics, amazing features, exceptional beats and stunning production. Substantial marvelously connects the message that your past, present and future are all closely tied and is always with you.” – Calvin Williams, fan

Bandcamp also featured the album on their front page along with an indepth interview with Substantial. You can read that here.

Today we announce the release of Substantial’s new album on cassette tape. It’s the very first album Substantial has released on cassette… and it’s limited to only 100 copies. So get your copy of #TheGoldenTape before they run out! The Past Is Always Present In The Future is also available on Compact Disc and as a mp3 download. The album is currently being pressed on vinyl; release date to be announced soon!



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