Soulection – Promise Once More [compilation]

This week celebrates 6 years of Soulection and we wanted to start off the new year with new music.

Promise Once More highlights our generations constant battle between situationship vs relationship. Enjoy a new era of sounds and storytelling.

Special thanks to the talented artists who helped shape this compilation: @iamnobodi, @insightfulone, @davebmusic, @beatsbyesta, @jrobbdaproducer, @beya-likhari, @ishdarr, @nyodus, @therealbowtye, @thisisjaredjackson, @orijanus, @romderful, @jarreauvandal, @emmavie100, @sivey, @starro, @kyledion, @dapdabeatx, @mrmarstoday, @mrnajiboy, @jameschatburn

iTunes: Promise Once More – Various Artists

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