DJ Brace – China [EP]

There is a tradition of digging in DJ culture that involves venturing out into the stacks and exploring the possibilities afforded by the previously unheard sounds sourced from neglected records. There have always been adventurous DJs that would travel in order to hunt down new audio to incorporate into their own material, but Brace takes this practice to an archaeological level.

For this release he spent time immersed in the cultural atmosphere that he discovered while touring China, soaking in the influence and allowing it to infuse his creative juices. The result is a recipe that is based around his defined production style, but seasoned with bold flavors that give it a distinct taste.

Samples unearthed during his journey wrap themselves around his staccato beats in ways that take full advantage of the possibilities afforded by the fretless fader.
It’s a delectable platter served up fresh. Get it while it’s hot.

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