Pase Rock – Worlds End Rhapsody (Nujabes Rework) [audio]

Rework of Nujabes’ “Worlds End Rhapsody.”

This was the last time I saw this guy. We talked about life, kids, music… all the usual things you talk about when you catch up with old friends. As you get older all the years of working toward your goals sometimes you don’t take the time to reflect on what you’ve actually accomplished. I think in this moment he was happy. He finally had everything he always wanted. Everything was in place. We talked about where music was going and how he was getting bored making the kind of music he had been making. He wanted to make more upbeat music. Faster and dancier. I told him I really liked this record on his last project and that we should rework it together. He said I should rap on it. I said no it just needs a little tinkering to make it hit more in the club (thats what I tell everybody.) Long story short here it is 8 or 9 years later and I reworked the record finally. It hits more in the club!!! lol.

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