Kyle Rapps – Eulogy [audio]

In addition to continuing to flex his chops as a producer, Mexico City-based artist Kyle Rapps is showcasing his ability to blend filthy raps and lyrics addressing social issues on “Eulogy.” It’s the latest single off his upcoming and appropriately titled new album, ‘Perverse Ramblings.’

Whereas preceding single “Fiction” was steeped in tales of lust with multiple women, “Eulogy” also features the New Jersey native blurring the lines between topics. Backed by his own electronic-leaning production, Rapps goes all the way in on a relationship that was filled with some of the most graphic sexual moments you can imagine. Seriously, if you can think of something even remotely nasty, it’s probably on here—even the fact that he “used to f*ck her in the water like a hippopotamus.”


The only thing is, there’s also a societal weight that runs throughout the sexuality. And that’s exactly why he sing-songs the following on the all-too-catchy chorus: “This is ain’t a love song, it’s a eulogy/ For all good shi*t we had between you and me/ For all the black kings that had to die stupidly, it’s a eulogy.” You see, Rapps may be a self-proclaimed “dirtbag with a heart of gold,” but there’s another layer here. The overtly sexual nature of the track is more about the way that we screw each other—and how our greater society happens to f*ck certain people more than others.

“Eulogy” is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, and can be downloaded au-gratis, courtesy of HYPEDDIT. Stay tuned for more leaks off ‘Perverse Ramblings,’ which is due out later this year!

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