Ill Poetic – Mermaid (LUST Re-imagined) [audio]

“After getting Kendrick Lamar’s “LUST” stuck in my head, I found myself humming the hook to Andre 3000’s “She Lives in my Lap” alongside it. I thought it could be cold to cover this live. This turned into re-producing, adding keys, writing and re-recording a cover/mash-up that just turned into it’s own thing, so here we are with “Mermaid”. This song is also a prelude to my next full-length album (my first official since 2007’s “The World is Ours”) to be released this Fall.”

“Lastly, I’m throwing an event in San Diego, CA on Wednesday May 24 alongside a host of amazing musicians, producers & artists from the Hip-Hop, Electronic, Funk/Soul, Boogie, Deep House & Latin Jazz scenes. My drummer Ill Atmospherics & I act as house band as we create live experiences on stage, inspired by the eras of P-Funk, Miles Davis & Herbie Hancock.”


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