Tone Atlas & Elemnt – Water to Wine [album]

“My goal for this project is to show you who the f*ck I am. The production is monumental, the lyrics and track concepts are cinematic, and this is truly the beginning of a legendary duo in Hip-Hop.”—Tone Atlas on his new album with producer Elemnt, ‘Water to Wine’

When listening to ‘Water to Wine,’ Tone Atlas’s passion is not only evident but it’s palpable. The Syracuse, NY native raps with a fervor reserved typically for artists either just starting out or trying to stage a comeback. But for Tone, it’s just part of his appeal—his artistry is incredibly important to him, and his output is all the better for it.

Apple: Water to Wine – Tone Atlas

On his follow-up to last year’s well received ‘Hors D’Oeuvres’ EP, the emcee opted to team up with a sole producer—the superbly gifted Elemnt—for the entirety of Water to Wine. That fact alone lends an innate cohesion to the album, and it also allowed for Tone to focus more on his pen game and bring some of the sharpest bars of his career.

As Tone tells it, “Once the process started and we began building our relationship, it became clear that not only would this project be produced entirely by EL but that I found my new partner in rhyme.”

The result is a focused and engaging listen that flows naturally from one track to the next, even as Tone is tackling varied subject matter. Armed with bars that’d make Ghostface and Raekwon proud, the New York rapper roundhouse kicks his opponents on “Haters,” takes a deep breath on the more thoughtful and atmospheric “Stranger Things,” and goes full-on beast mode on “Savages,” alongside Benny.

It’s all part of Tone and Elemnt’s plans for their artistry, which centers on capturing the magic of the golden era while propelling it forward to the modern day. “There are fans of Hip-Hop that never left, and a constantly growing fanbase that wants and craves THIS sound, myself included,” Tone says. “That classic sound is bubbling back.”

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