First Light (Opio & Pep Love) “Livin’ The Life” + “FU2” [audio]

Two previously unreleased singles “Livin The Life” + “FU2,” left off the First Light’s album Fallacy Fantasy.

Hieroglyphics Imperium and Elevation Nation present “The Hierotrope Series”; A collection of 7″ 45 singles with 2 sided on-record phonotropic artwork that comes to life, animating when viewed in a camera/phone in direct light (The more direct light the better – see below for details). The music for the series will be a variety of unreleased songs from the Hiero vault, and featured singles from upcoming projects released monthly.

All design/animation of the series is created by Unjust, long-time Hieroglyphics collaborator, and in-house producer. Keeping in tradition with Hieroglyphics’ tradition of innovation, landmark creative quality, and independent ideology, this series gives it’s listeners/viewers a truly unique bonus value, adding an extra layer of visual stimuli to the beloved physical act of playing a record. Marrying art, music, and technology, The Hierotrope Series promises to be on-going treat for Hip-Hop heads, vinyl heads, and tech-heads alike.

The first single is First Light (Opio + Pep Love), “Livin’ the Life” b/w “FU2”, 2 previously unreleased songs that were cut from The “Fallacy Fantasy” album, Produced by Unjust. This will followed by the lead single from the upcoming self-titled album “Rap Noir” (Tajai + Unjust), “Make It Rain” b/w “Watch out”. Keep up and check for the new release of the month at where you can also sign up for a monthly subscription plan, with subscription-exclusive limited edition (1-100) alternative phonotropic artwork.

via Mass Appeal

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