The Arcitype – Bang Bang ft. Reks & Ruste Juxx [audio]

5 years ago this month, September 25th 2012 to be exact, The Arcitype and Ruste Juxx released their collaborative album “V.I.C. Victorious Impervious Champions” on AR Classic Records / Duck Down Music. As a relative unknown in 2012, it was the Arcitype’s most visible project and an introduction to the industry of hip hop.

“V.I.C.” paired The Arcitype’s musical sample free production with Juxx’s Crown Heights charisma and street knowledge. The results took both artists into new territories with songs and videos for “Rock To The Rhythm” and “Stand Strong” as some of the most memorable.

Reflecting on that experience, The Arcitype had this to say:

“Ruste was one of the first people that heard something in me as a producer and gave me a shot. One song turned into a full album at our first session. I’ve put a whole lot of music out since then, but this was one of those moments where I can say someone took a chance in me, and I won’t ever forget it. Much love to all the fans this project earned me. I appreciate all the support you’ve shown me over the years. ”

Now in celebration of the beginning, The Arcitype releases a brand new song with Ruste Juxx and Reks, “Bang Bang”. Raw and unapologetic, “Bang Bang” features a melodic Reks hook, fire spiting Juxx verses and signature Arc knock! Five years later the duo is still making noise and reminding everyone how the phony are dealt with…

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