Fake Four Inc. – Five Years of Freecember [compilation]

In the music industry December is traditionally known as a month when labels aren’t supposed to release music – due to holidays, school closing, end of year lists and overall lack of publicity or attention.

In proper Fake Four fashion – 5 years ago my brother, David Ramos, decided to actually release 4 pieces of music every December. For free. It started with bands such as “Yes, Yes, Hobbyhorse” out of Canada who David became a fan of. He realized that it wouldn’t make much sense to release a completely unknown experimental indie pop band through Fake Four’s “traditional” outlets – so Freecember was born. Our close friends Tommy V & Penny joined in the mix shortly after, and the reaction to these first releases was absurdly good. “Mockingbird” remains one of the most downloaded albums on Fake Four’s bandcamp out of ANYTHING we’ve ever released. We poured most donations back into Facebook sponsored posts & that has brought about attention for artists who have previously been unknown or snoozed on.
Through Freecember, artists whose albums would normally be downloaded 20-50 times total were getting downloaded hundreds and sometimes thousands of times. This remains true to this day….so we kept this tradition up. While putting together this compilation – I realize we’ve curated a pretty f-ing amazing collection of underground music.
Here is a collection of some of the best moments from the last FIVE years of Freecember.
I’ve organized the songs in an order that flowed well for me….this is not chronologically done.

Hope this reminds you of music you’ve slept on & brings about new quests for great under-known music.
Yes. You remain cooler than your friends because you listen to underground music. This is a logical truth.
Thanks everyone.

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