HuntorPrey – Close Encounters ft. C418 (production) [audio]

Currently, HuntorPrey is at deep at work on his newest full-length album “Hy-Definition”, a project filled with penetrating lyricism and a truly unique soundbed that collages 80’s-inspired melodies, symphonic movie scores, progressive hip-hop, industrial rock, and spoken word.

Today, Huntorprey opens the new year with a warm-up single, “Close Encounters”; a song that studies how reality and fantasy build perception and gives a sneak peek into the vibe of his new album:

“The track is really inspiring in a lot of ways. On a surface level, it reminded me of my childhood and the influences that made me an artist today. So I wrote a song hoping to give my own flare and perspective to the music created. On a deeper level, it also asks questions about how things shape our reality. Whether it’s media, economy, culture, neighborhood, or childhood nostalgia, who or what shapes the world for you? What really influences someone? And do they even recognize they are being influenced? This was just a fun song to make. It’s always cool to combine all of these influences and just spit. I hope people like it as much as I liked making it.”

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