N.B.S. “Nile River” (prod by Jakebeatz) [video]

The indelible lyrics of N.B.S. (cousins Flash and Knuckles), continue to permeate borders with the release of their latest single “Nile River.” Partnered with their frequent swiss collaborators Jake Beatz and DJ Tray, N.B.S. is busy putting the finishing touches on their album “SwissVets 2.”
Nile River is a signature mélange of street smarts and braggadocio that N.B.S. is known for, with the polished backdrop provided by their swiss compatriots.

SwissVets 2 will hit stores on March 1st, courtesy of Empire Music and PW Records with domestic support in the USA provided by Big Bang Records.

Directed by: JakeBeatz Films

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