VAST AIRE “Airebender” (Produced by COSMIQ) [audio]

IGC RECORDS Presents: “Airebender” featuring VAST AIRE (Produced by COSMIQ) | This is the second single off of the “AIREPLANE” album, a collaboration of @VASTAIRE2090 and @IAMCOSMIQ.

Album Description: Vast Aire and Cosmiq are collaborating together on a full length LP titled, Aireplane, which will be the flagship release this year from IGC Records. The album will consist of Vast Aire as the emcee and Cosmiq on production.

The concept of the album is focused on taking the audience through a series of sonic dimensions and planes of thought. Each track is a different level of that journey culminating into a cohesive project.

Cosmiq got his break with the Harlem outfit, Cannibal Ox, in 2015 when he picked up a lead-producer gig for the Iron Galaxy Clik imprint. That same year, Cosmiq contributed his talents to Cannibal Ox’s critically acclaimed Blade of the Ronin album.

Vast Aire will be showcased on this project in rare form, balancing cerebral concepts with witty and entertaining wordplay. It will be his first solo album since his Ox 2010: A Space Odyssey release.

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