Ben Boogz – Love Handles [beat tape]

How do you make your drums so Punchy? That is a question Mighty Joe of The Other Guys asked Ben Boogz once. Ben’s answer to Joe in reference to his drums is a Treacherous Three song, “Feel The HeartBeat”. “Make you feel so sweet!”

Enter Love Handles, Ben Boogz’s second solo beat tape endeavor. Ben Boogz rides soulful samples over “punchy” percussion to make your speakers knock and head nod with a twist. Ben holds onto what he loves about the Hip Hop by her Love Handles and composes some passionate beats for the culture. His love for the Mpc2000 keeps his style true to the 2 Hungry Bros sound everyone’s enjoyed over the last decade.

Ben Boogz’s love for beatmaking is quite prevalent in this new beat tape of 23 varying boom bap compositions. No cheap effects needed to keep the pace moving just a real dope groove. And well, groove is in the heart, Love Handles.

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