Rhythm Roulette: Parker Corey (of Injury Reserve) [video]

The Arizona rap trio Injury Reserve put Tempe on the map with a series of eclectic releases ranging from ‘Live from the Dentist Office’ to, most recently, ‘Drive It Like It’s Stolen.’ Throughout their catalog, beatmaking duties were handled by producer Parker Corey, who’s proven himself to be a master of multiple styles.

For the latest edition of MASS APPEAL’s Rhythm Roulette, Corey pulled up to Poo Bah Records in Pasadena California, accompanied by Ritchie With a T (Stepa J. Groggs apparently had other pressing business to attend to). In accordance with the time-honored Rhythm Roulette ground rules, PC tied a bandana over his eyes and selected three records at random, then headed back to the lab to see what sort of a beat he could fashion from his vinyl haul.

“First off we got Minister Keith Pringle and the Pentecostal Community Choir—looks like the most potential right now,” said Corey, surveying the sampling options at hand. Next up was something called ‘Compilation Menu,’ which presented tracks by various artists in restaurant menu format, and finally ‘Mythical Kings and Iguanas’ by the American songwriter and poet Dory Previn. “This shit is really about iguanas!” Parker exclaimed with enthusiasm. “Yeah—we’re gonna do it!”

Slouched on a nearby couch, Ritchie With A T looked up from his phone and predicted, ominously, that “One of these is going to be like, a classic album, and we’re just gonna get grilled for it!”

Undeterred by Ritchie’s warning, Parker plunged right into the random collection of sounds, laboring over his laptop for hours until Stepa J. Groggs showed up and Ritchie began dancing. Check out the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette to watch Corey in the kitchen and see what sort of heat he cooked up.

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