Pure Order – Sword of Élan Vitál

Emcees God’s Gift & N-Fa’Nit (pronounced “infinite”) elevate the art of hip hop in its purest form by delivering lyrical skill with a musically intuitive approach intended to infiltrate true heads of this culture, over heavy beats by Oh No the Disrupt!

God’s Gift from Oxnard, CA has been featured on the Lootpack’s “Soundpieces: Da Antidote” album. His solo song on the Lootpack’s “Lost Tapes” mix-tape, “Antidote to Da Anti-Dope,” is what inspired the Soundpieces title and theme song. He also has a solo single, “Deleting Programs,” on Kan kick’s “From Artz Unknown” album.

N-Fa’Nit (formerly Nemesis) is a lyrical athlete from Los Angeles, CA. From hardly any media presence, the video for her first single “Nefertiti the First” earned over 50k likes and the respect of many great MCs, DJs and producers such as Blame One, Wildchild, 2 Mex, and others along with the world-renowned MCs featured on this EP. Needing no prior studio training, N-Fa’Nit taught herself to create the musical and lyrical song arrangements and mixes for this EP with post production by Oh No the Disrupt and the legendary DJ Romes.

“The Sword of Élan Vitál,” or Sword of Infinite Life Force, represents the mental bravery that it takes to see truth and use it as a weapon to make moves that become your legacy.

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