Elusive “Good JuJu” [audio]

As one of Los Angeles’ rising beatmakers and composers, Elusive is in a breakthrough phase, producing an abundance of electronic music that draws out pulsing rhythms and deep vibes. In terms of his output and number of releases during the calendar year, he’s become prolific with tasteful music as a consistent. Recent support from BBC, KCRW, The FADER, XLR8R, self-titled, WWFM, The Wire, Amoeba Records, and many others has solidified this perspective.

Following his recent albums with Alpha Pup Records (Textures, Headspace, Fusion Swing) and Dome of Doom (Cosmic Web, Moments, Sketches), Elusive is back with the two-part EP series Dissonance and Consonance. First up is Dissonance, scheduled for release April 20, 2018 across digital platforms worldwide with Alpha Pup Records. Consonance will follow later this year, cementing himself as one of the most active beatmakers of this generation with close to a dozen albums released in the last three years.


Building on a duality of both his more sparse beat creations and the more mapped out song crafting that’s feature heavy, Elusive’s Dissonance pulls together expansive drum breaks with the underpinning of highly blended vocals, technically derived basslines, syncopated percussion, and a montage of synth tones. Music that’s soulful, futuristic, expansive, electric, and immersive. Strings, keys, harp, guitar, and many other elements are added in various stages, giving the EP a sense of motion that’s constantly evolving. Dissonance also rides heavy into the bottom end, paving a way for an endless amount of layers to unfold over the heavy bass work.

Dissonance is part of a unique breed of albums today, translated to the dance floor along with the colorful experience that’s consumed through headphones. The album’s sole feature is credited to Portland, Oregon’s Omari Jazz, connecting with Elusive over a like minded direction in tonality, sound, and rhythm. They close out the Dissonance EP with a charging sense of harmony and percussion. The energy is abundant and rises in velocity, gifted with a bassline that crawls all over the wall in notes and dynamics.

Elusive continues to shine a beacon of light into the world of electronic music and the two part EP series Dissonance and Consonance is an important addition in this path. Grab Elusive’s Dissonance on April 20, 2018, with touring to begin this year.

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