Kid Koala – Floor Kids MegaMix

An 18 minute megamix recorded live on 3 turntables shortly after receiving the test pressings of the Floor Kids Video Game Soundtrack vinyl.

Kid Koala’s Floor Kids Original Video Game Soundtrack is out April 27, 2018 on Arts & Crafts. Preorder now in digital and double-vinyl formats:

Floor Kids – the breakthrough breakdance battle video game with original music by Kid Koala – is being celebrated for defining a new intersection of hip-hop and gaming culture. An original concept by animator bboy JonJon and legendary scratch DJ/producer Kid Koala a.k.a. Eric San, Floor Kids has captured the essence of what makes “breaking” an artform unlike any other, blending together sound, style, and movement in a radical blast of freestyle expression.

Now, Kid Koala releases the award-winning game audio on its own with the Floor Kids Original Video Game Soundtrack, adding another dimension to the universe of multimedia projects he has built over a twenty year plus career.

Featuring 42 tracks and 71 minutes of all original instrumental hip-hop and break music, with Floor Kids, Kid Koala soundtracks a timeless journey across every era of the sound, cycling through silky 70s funk, thumping 80’s 808s, granular 90s 12bit hip-hop, and future synth funk.

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