Drew Kid – We Of The World feat. Big Rube, Deborah Bond, yU, Kev Brown, & Grap Luva [audio]

From the album For You, For Me Too by Drew Kid.


Originally a small collection of love songs, this project grew into an exploration of self. Written in the confines of my piano room at home, in school practice rooms, in New York rehearsal spaces, at my brother’s dorm in Boston, on buses, on planes, walking around aimlessly in Paris, arriving to me in dreams and in the quiet moments of the morning. Encapsulated in this recording are internalized emotions and acknowledgement of the dissonances within: the yearning for love, wonder at the promise of new life, pain for lives lost to brutality and ignorance, the guilt of disconnect with my origins, my search for purpose and struggle to maintain conviction in a time of hopelessness and apathy, my crippling isolation, and my dreams for freedom in a new day.

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