Mega Ran and Bag of Tricks Cat – Heat Stroke (feat. G1 and Ashton Charles) [audio]

Mega Ran & Bag of Tricks Cat return with “Heat Stroke,” off the upcoming Emerald Knights II dropping in June.


After the success of their 2015 EP release and tours of the US and Europe, Phoenix, AZ based rappers Mega Ran and Bag of Tricks Cat have returned with a follow up, the aptly titled “Emerald Knights II.”

The album is a stark contrast to the darker themes and deep thought of the first release, and features Ran and Felix going harder than ever on tracks targeting the state of America (If I Could), relationships (Heatstroke and Afraid to Love), and of course, the game.

Wack rappers get it the worst, as tracks like “Emerald Knights A Go, “Rappers In Their Feelings” and “Get Out The 90’s” take playful shots while encouraging their contemporaries and peers to step it up.

Emerald Knights 2 releases June 22, 2018, and look for the Emerald Knights 2 tour at a venue near you.

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