Magestik Legend – All This Time [album] (feat. Opio, Jamall Bufford, T. Calmese & more)

Imagine taking all of your best and worst memories in life, holding them in your hands, then smashing them all together to form one complete piece of art. This is what Magestik Legend felt like when he created his latest album, All This Time.

This project sounds like an artist just letting himself be in the moment until it passes, and that is exactly what Magestik did. Most songs were made on the spot – with freestyles, melodies, and rhythms that painted the picture of exactly how he felt in that instance. Uniquely designed to go against the grain, All This Time is not just another traditional Detroit hip hop installation. This record is a vibe – it can only be captured once in a lifetime, and is the culmination of ML’s ability to craft a piece of perfect imperfection on his own terms. All This Time is Magestik Legend’s full exploration of who he is as an artist.

This self-produced piece proves that ML’s mission of musical self discovery has now been fully actualized, even if it took all this time to get there. This is a Magestik Legend coming of age story sung in the key of creative vulnerability.

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