Frank Knight – Black In America ll feat. Killah Priest [audio]

The young Brooklyn emcee Frank Knight, revisits his “Black In America” subjected record in his latest release of Black In America II featuring Killah Priest of Wu-Tang Produced By Minnesota Native The Gonz.

Both artist take the time to deliver a multi layered perspective of two generational experiences that relate to being Black In America. It’s a record that comes across as one that entails their lives as black men
growing up and living in America. They touch on points ranging from black excellence, police brutality, slavery, black on black crime, religion and spirituality, just to name a few.

This is the perfect mesh of what New York sounds like over smooth modern boom bap vibes, dope lyrics, and perspectives of a legendary feature and a new comer with something to prove.

Notable Quotables

“America’s history, show they want to get rid of me/They want black history, without credit in history” – Frank Knight

“Police brutality, the beast mentality, eat up our young in the streets of poverty/Melaninated and devil hated they had us selled on slave ships, cause we fell from the spaceships” – Killah Priest

“My zone is New York, it’s get the chrome when you talk/I don’t know what you thought, but when they draw you chalked/You just a lost game of hangman, a body in chalk” – Frank Knight

“Reject from the system, accept ancestors wisdoms/Y’all not God that’s dog backwards, that’s anubis practice” – Killah Priest

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