Frank Knight – New York Summer (Produced by Rediculus) [audio]

Frank Knight has teamed up with producer Rediculus and is back with his new single “New York Summer”. Over the horn and guitar driven track Rediculus provides, Frank weaves a creative narrative that entails the experiences of being a real true New Yorker who lives in the city that never sleeps all while being scorched by the brutal summer heat. The track’s smooth vibe brings forth a cool summer breeze of beautiful things to see throughout the train hopping, ferry riding and every day grinding life of a New Yorker through the life and eyes of Frank Knight.

“New York Summer” is the first single off the upcoming album “Ghetto Psalms of the Knight”. Ghetto Psalms is produced by Rediculus and shows Frank discussing life from the lens of his life since the shift in the country a few years ago.

“Ghetto Psalms of the Knight” is expected to release on Monday September 9th.


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