Gajah x Mute Speaker – Vent [album]

MC & producer duo, Gajah & Mute Speaker are back in classic form with their latest effort “Vent”. The title speaks with volume as Gajah voices his opinions, frustrations and oppositions in a brutally honest fashion, tackling subjects such as technology and the turn of the Century, the shackles of money-greed, alcoholism, dietary options and most apparent, his personal failures and shortcomings as a dignified Hip Hop artist.
Cambodia based beat maestro, Mute Speaker provides a minimalist, yet highly rhythmic/glitchy “boom bap” feel, creating the perfect groove for Gajah to glide along with his continuous, in the pocket word flow.
With a varied cast of MC’s & singers involved, as well as Gajah’s go-to DJ, Ethos to assist on the cuts, “Vent” is sure to satisfy the average Hip Hop head and the adventurous listener in one sitting.

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