Taiyamo Denku – Once Again feat. KRS-One & Pozlyrix

Think Golden Era Hip Hop with New Golden Era Hip Hop and you get the song “Once Again” Dcypha starts the song out with Turntablism at its best. Those Cuts set the tone …. Dcypha’s Soulful sense he created on the beat works well when KRS One leads off… ” Its The Teacha” Krs makes you remember what the golden era lyricsm and hip hop once was. Denku gives you pure Barwork on this new age Classic. Pozlyrix makes sure you know where he is from …. That’s Chicago , That’s Seven Oddities Records. This is truly the definition of Hip Hop. LISTEN!!!

Buy: https://taiyamodenku.bandcamp.com/track/once-again-feat-krs-one-pozlyrix

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