Substantial – Substantial Sundays (Vol. 1)

After two years and nearly 100 live streams, Substantial finally produces a proper intro and outro for Substantial Sundays! The opening track is upbeat and channels the sounds of Brazil while the closing track has a much more chill, jazz vibe and features Malcolm Jackson on Vibraphone.

Watch Substantial Sundays on Youtube:

Substantial Sundays is a weekly live, hour long talk show hosted by international recording artist and youth advocate, Substantial and long time friend and music enthusiast, Sherm the Barber. The theme of the show is centered around the music we’ve been listening to and every other episode shares exclusive original unreleased music from Substantial and his affiliates. Episodes occasionally include advice for Independent artist, TV and Film recommendations and reviews, as well as commentary on recent events. The goal of the show is to engage Substantial’s global fanbase directly giving them more access to things that have made them supporters for nearly 20 years: music, a positive outlook, global perspective, love of family and a bit of nerd culture (Anime, Comics, etc).

The show began two years ago during a campaign with Ford Motors. Substantial did a live Q&A with his fans on Facebook Live which was very successful. Since then, they have filmed over 50 live episodes, mostly in the DC Metropolitan area but also in Osaka, Japan and Rennes, France. Guest have included artist and Puma apparel and shoe designer Naturel, GRAMMY nominated artist, Kokayi, Anime & Video Game Composer Mason Lieberman and Indie Hip Hop vets Mega Ran Tonedeff, Awon and The Others Guys.

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