Dr. Octagon “Black Hole Son” Remix Official Lyric Video

The official follow up to Dr. Octagon’s cult-classic Dr. Octagonecologyst, is being revisited through remixes done by Dan the Automator on the famed sampler, the E-MU SP-1200. The E-MU SP-1200 was one of the first samplers accessible to general public. Its strengths and its weakness are largely responsible for the distinct grittiness and warmth of the golden age of hip hop. With the new set of Dr. Octagon remixes, it pays homage to the Hip-Hop scene from which Dr. Octagon first arose and the path it carved forward. “Dr. Octagon is not a contemporary thing or a retro thing,” the Automator says. “It’s always looked to the future.”

Lyric Video by Marc Corrigan


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