60 East, Curtiss King Beats – The Freeway Series Vol. 3: Traffic jam (feat. A-F-R-O, Fashawn, Chrxstal Sarah & Rane Raps)

Artist and Founder of The Happiness of Pursuit Festival, 60 East, returns with the 3rd installment to his catalogs “Freeway Series”, an EP series he started back in 2014. Following in the tradition of his past projects, 60 picked one producer to work with on this EP. The Producer for this Project is Curtiss King, who is a Author, Artist, Producer, Podcaster and Youtube Sensation who has accumulated millions of views with his Music Tutorials and various educational videos. Both sharing roots in Southern California’s Inland Empire music scene, the 2 have been crossing paths, attending and participating in events together since 2010, but had never worked on any music together until now.

The Title “Traffic Jam” plays as a metaphor for where/how 60 East see’s his current position in the music industry and the various experiences, obstacles and setbacks which are standing in his way of reaching his final destination, which is success. The Project is an adventure in itself taking the audience on a ride of highs and lows with some notable features from Fashawn, A-F-R-O and Chrxstal Sarah to help set the tone.

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