Kero One – The Loud Minority (Official Music Video)

2020. Produced, written, and MV directed by me. Drum programming assistance by Esta. MV assistance by Slowpal.
Listen to the full song on Spotify/Apple:

As we all know, It’s an unfortunate situation around the world right now because of a virus that’s killing people, creating collateral damage from overwhelmed hospitals, and crushing small businesses. Further, when Asians go to the market to get food and supplies or to take the bus for work we shouldn’t be living in fear of being harassed, attacked, and blamed for a virus we have nothing to do with (you idiots). I can’t believe I had to literally type that out but It’s because it’s happening by ignorant people all around the world. Even more, there are loads of people that believe this is only something you see on the news and is not a real issue (non-asians are saying this btw lol). They’ve gone as far as to try to silence me, telling me to shut-up or stop talking about this issue. I know this because I found a bunch of them on my facebook post, to my surprise.

For me, this whole situation escalated quickly ~ It started with seeing all the news reports around the world about Xenophobia against Asians, then it became personal stories and videos of harassment shared to me by Asian friends and fans. Finally, I myself received hateful stares when I walked into a market in LA (btw he was a minority). That broke the camels back. I played it back in my mind that whole week trying to deny it but I finally came to terms with what it really was. This is a multicultural city so you can imagine what’s going on in other cities.

I made this song “The Loud Minority” to let out some frustrations, create a conversation in your community and foremost remind all victims to use their cameras when you see it happen irl. Sometimes it’s not the first thing on our minds, but this is the only way we can prove to others it’s actually happening and to expose the bullies that are causing racially charged harm to innocent people (and obviously this applies to the non-Asian victims and bystanders as well). I’m not promoting violence or even trying to silence anyone but one things for sure, I’ll be filming it.

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