Daniel Son x Dj Duke x Dj Low Cut “Till It’s Over” (Prod Dj Low Cut) | Video

From “Season 7” by Daniel Son x Dj Duke x DJ Low Cut


Coming out Jully 10th.
Available on:
– Vinyl (260 copies)
– Vinyl w/ Japanese OBI (40 copies)
– CD w/ instrumentals (100 copies)
– Digital everywhere.

Co-produced by DJ Duke and DJ Low Cut, « Season 7 » is the new EP from Toronto MC, Daniel Son. Duke and Low Cut combined their skills to produce this 8 songs project, highly inspired by the award-winning TV show The Sopranos. Together, they imagined and recreated their own « Season 7 », as the drama series never had a seventh and final season. With heavy beats, thrilling melodies and audio extracts from the show, « Season 7 » has its very own special and authentic atmosphere. From « Til It’s Over » to the spiritual « Elk Hunting » to the exhilarating « Long season », get ready to embark on a musical journey guided by Daniel Son’s lyrics.

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