Sean-Toure’ “Garveyite” (We Liberate & Motivate) (Radio Edit) | Video

VIDEO WORLD PREMIER! COMING THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 2020 AT 8:30 PM EST (USA). Directed by “The Big La”, Todd Kelley. Baltimorean, Sean-Toure’ Thames is known as a music legend in his hometown. Making his break as a solo artist into popular music culture with 2003’s Rhyme Manifesto, 2009’s The Sean-Toure’ Remix Project, and 2012’s Sound Channeler, The Invisible Man, the Music Producer/Emcee has continued to help build the legacy of his Rosachi Music Group label. His keen skills of gripping narratives and melodic cadences over his robust music production are among the slew of reasons why he has become a stable in the global underground Hip Hop genre.

In 2012, his label home Rosachi Music Group announced a joint distribution and collaboration deal with the Legendary Hip Hop label Fat beats NYC and Los Angeles. This deal led to the successful release of the Sound Channeler album and the many incredible singles that hailed from the LP featuring Hip Hop luminaries, Kev Brown of the Low Budget Crew, Substantial, yU of Diamond District and many others. Since then, Sean’s success as a music producer/emcee and a community activist have catapulted him to new heights. Throughout the years, Sean has successfully interwoven his expression of musicianship with grassroots community activism. He remains firm in his unwillingness to compromise creativity, truth, sincerity, and service to others, which are the true essence of who he really is.

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