Greenlights Music – CDC | Lyric Video

Space Craft, inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. Remaining true to their core point of view — social, political, and economic themes are addressed with freshly written rhymes and surgically calculated, innovative production by RP. The album concept is based on a 200-light- year commercial space flight on the USS Flash Gordon, piloted by Captain Donald Penisini. Destination: Pluto and Beyond.

The music is a throwback to the Golden Era of Hip Hop, reminiscent of 1990’s collaboratives like the Native Tongues, and best known for groups like Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, and more. Throughout Space Craft, the listener is indulged with fresh and witty punchlines, banging beats, and interlude tracks offering unexpected comic relief — once again, showing that RP and the artists involved are both well-seasoned emcees and experienced live performers.

There is something for every kind of music fan on this album. Different from everything heard today, the combination of a traditional, aggressive BoomBap sound with a strong, mostly positive, and intelligent message bring this album to life in an otherwise saturated landscape. Greenlights Music veteran collaborators ground the album with rhymes by emcees RP, BADWOLFF, Phonetics, Abitight, Sammy Faze, Introspect and Two Moons. Paired with the affecting and soulful vocals of Willow Wells,

the identity and chemistry of Greenlights Music maintains the careful balance of relevant and sustaining. Also worth noting are some solid, local Chicago emcee features, in addition to a few carefully-crafted cameos by standup comedian, Nate Craig.

From powerful subject matters to battle-style punchlines, this album is Hiphop culture at its finest.

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