Tenacity – That’s The Law feat. Ras Kass, & One Be Lo

“I conceptualized this song, and wrote my verse for it in 2014.
Shortly after the death of Eric Garner. Right around the time the murderous cop who killed Mike Brown was paid $500,000 by ABC for an interview. I was infuriated. I decided to reach out to Ras Kass to jump on the first verse. I’ve always been a fan of his and wanted to get his take on the current events. By the time I got the song to him the news of Sandra Bland dying in police custody was released. Ras Kass came through the crib and kicked it with House Shoes, Jimetta Rose, and I as we discussed how fucked up the situation we were currently living in was. We finished the song and I added it to my album “Inspired By True Events”.

Fast forward to 2019. While I was preparing the final mixes of my album, I was listening back to this song and thinking I wanted to add something else. The song felt incomplete to me. It also felt “dated”. Rassy and I were speaking on current events at the time and here I was almost 6 yrs later trying to keep this song on my record. I decided to holler at my homie from back home One Be Lo to see if he wanted to contribute to the song. After reaching out to him, he informed me that he was recently a victim of police brutality and wanted to share his story on the song. He hit the booth and provided the 3rd verse.

Now we are here in 2020. Roughly 6 months after the album is completed and turned in and this song is more relevant than ever. The world is marching and mourning the death of George Floyd and countless others whose lives have been taken by law enforcement. It’s mind boggling to me that this song was “old news”. Now when I listen to it, it sounds as if I wrote it last week. That’s fucked up. That’s America. That’s the justice system. That’s the truth. That’s the law!


– Tenacity

Tenacity has been a pivotal part of SCM since it’s inception, mixing and mastering the majority of our releases. Now he steps in front of the mic for his SCM debut, Inspired By True Events.

Featuring production from Swarvy, DertBeats, 14KT, Exile, Drugs Beats, House Shoes, Nameless, Illingsworth and J57 and guest appearances from Guilty Simpson, Ras Kass, One Be Lo, Chino XL, and Jimetta Rose, Inspired By True Events is all facts, no fiction. Real music for real people.

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