Greenlights Music – Space Heater (A Hip Hop/Sci-Fi/Music Video)

Space Heater-A Hip Hop/Sci-Fi/Music Video by Chicago’s Greenlights Music and Director Kevin Epperson

On July 22nd 2020, Greenlights Music released it’s Hip Hop album Space Craft, inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. “SPACE HEATER” is their full length music video single to be released Sept 6th. Remaining true to their core point of view — social, political, and economic themes are addressed with freshly written rhymes and surgically calculated, innovative musical production by RP. The album concept is based on a 200-light- year commercial space flight on the USS Flash Gordon, piloted by Captain Donald Penisini. In this case, the destination, Earth. The mission, to find intelligent life.

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