Funky DL – The Trilogy feat. Abioseh & Songer

In anticipating the October 2nd release of Funky DL’s 20th vocal-studio album, “Twenty”, Funky DL drops this Jazz / Trap hybrid of Hip-Hop audio in the form of “The Trilogy”.

Featuring the 21-year-old lyricist “Abioseh” from Birmingham, UK and 20-year-old “Songer” from Reading, UK, the three MC’s smoothly rotate throughout the track, displaying their lyrical chemistry and diversity with the use of distinct flows and punchlines.

Described as a modern classic, “The Trilogy” echos both the contemporary sounds of Hip-Hop in 2020, but also offers up tones reminiscent of the premium Hip-Hop from the 90’s golden era.

Funky DL treads the production boards carefully to create music that is not only electrifying, but that is also outside of the comfort zone of traditional boom-bap beats.

Undeniably audibly solid, “The Trilogy” sees DL and his guests in an intensive onslaught of double-time excellence, as they effortlessly cruise across the moody, chilled, but at the same time impactful beat.

It’s not often we get a 20th Hip-Hop album from any artist anywhere, and this is definitely a first from any Rapper from the UK. The expectation is high, but then again, Funky DL has never been known for failing to deliver.

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