ULTRA BEAST (4-IZE & Señor KAOS) “Straight to the Money” feat. Supastition [video]

In the underbelly of Atlanta’s crime ridden streets; there has been a surge in drugs, violence and bad rap music. With the attack of hiphop culture on the rise, two seasoned emcees are pushed to the breaking point when their producer is kidnapped by a rival record label. With nothing except sheer will and determination, we find our heroes in a race against time to rescue their esteemed colleague.

Artist: 4-IZE and Señor KAOS as ULTRA BEAST
Song: Straight to the Money featuring Supasition
Video produced, filmed, and edited by Jolanda Harrison for Black Dollar TV
Written and directed by Tony Hayes III
Track produced by Illastrate
Label: Ultra Beast United

Song taken from Ultra Beast LP “Rush The Court” streaming courtesy of Ultra Beast United


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