Small Bills (ELUCID & THE LASSO) – Banneker’s Almanac [audio]

“What’s the vibration when terror be the energy? Stillness aint your enemy. My inner me reflect on harmony and symmetry” – E L U C I D

The past, present and future are all one. By looking at any of them we can interpret the rest. Visionary emcee E L U C I D buys back Benjamin Banneker’s Almanac at the opening of this apocalyptic freedom song produced by The Lasso who was inspired by Herbie Hancock’s Rain Dance. The futuristic shamanic channeling of energy on the track breaks the boundaries that separate generations and revels in a timeless state.

E L U C I D lyrically dances through snapshots of ancestral battles occurring in the here and now of his existence. The world created is at once immediate and Earthly taking on the blood crimes committed in our past while facing broken illusions with a hammer at the ready. This is Small Bills Banneker’s Almanac.

History can only be prelude.

“They’ll punish what they can’t contain, what they won’t understand”
– E L U C I D

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