Roots & Tings – Election Time (ft. Rico Pabon, Lateef the Truthspeaker & Winstrong) [Official Video]

Roots and Tings presents their newest single “Election Time” Ft. Rico Pabon!

New single, “Election Time” speaks to the complex feelings Americans have about the upcoming election. The phony political promises, the broken, intrinsically racist, sexist, classist and, in this time, a lying administration that is increasingly, dangerously authoritarian. The need to resist and fight includes- but is not limited to- voting. This song explores that, as well as the “why” behind it.”

But the song also speaks to the joy and hope that “Election Time” can embody. The way it can be a time to celebrate as the will of the people is made manifest. A time to party for the hope of a better tomorrow. A time to choose. A time to self-define. A time to fight at the ballot box for equality that only even showed up because of protests and riots.

Download / stream link

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