Donwill “Don (It’s Me)” feat. Donavon + “I Could Use a Vacation” feat. Fat Tony + “Stupid Prizes” [audio]

I had planned on releasing an album this year. I started working on it sometime last year and at some point I just stopped. Very recently I started pulling it apart because that’s typically what I do if I don’t abandon the project all together.

The first two these songs are from that album. The third song was written when i was trying to figure out how to use Twitch. It was supposed to live and die on IG as a post but I figured why not let it go as well since it fits the theme of this thing.

I don’t know if i’ll return to the idea of that specific album but I do know that these songs are cool enough to stand on their own and not be encumbered by my spurts of retooling and bouts of inactivity.

Shouts to all my collaborators on these joints. Donavon, Fat Tony, Def Dee, Steel Tipped Dove and of course 6th Sense. They’re all dope and you should check em out as soon as you’re done listening to this.

Don (It’s Me)
Produced by Donwill & 6th Sense
Written by Donwill & Donnovan
Guitar & background vocals by Donovan
Recorded at The Panic Room and Room 39
Mixed & Mastered by 6th Sense at His Window In His Headphones

I Could Use A Vacation
Produced by Donwill
Written by Donwill and Fat Tony
Recorded at The Panic Room and Steel Tipped Dove’s Spot
Mixed & Mastered by Donwill at The Panic Room

Stupid Prizes
Produced by Def Dee
Written by Donwill
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Donwill at The Panic Room

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