Las Cafeteras – If I Was President (Remix) feat. Sa-Roc, QVLN, Mega Ran, Boog Brown [video]

5 artists, 4 cities and 3 Swing states come together to elevate a Collective Vision of America that represents Black, Indigenous, Working People of Color who changed the direction of the country. LA’s Las Cafeteras and The Center for Cultural Power present “If I Was President – Remixed”

Las Cafeteras (LA) feat.
Boog Brown – Detroit, Michigan
Sa-Roc – Atlanta, Georgia
Mega Ran – Phoenix, Arizona
QVLN – Mesa, Arizona

Music Produced by Sendai Mike / David “Degruvme” Cardena
Directed by Hector Flores
Project Manager: Armando Ibañez
Editor & Producer: John Cantú
Colorist: Jaqueline Miller

Los Angeles,CA and Phoenix, AZ
Detroit, MI
San Francisco, CA
Atlanta, GA

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