It’s another installment of “Produced By Dj Rhettmatic”. As time goes on, I like to think that people are starting to recognize I have been doing production for quite some time & possibly discovering some of my past work. But those of you who are not familiar with some of my production work, I’ve put a collection of songs together that span from 1995 to all the way to the present.

I’ve been very lucky & blessed to have work with some of the best & talented Emcees, Singers, & Musicians during my career; Some are well known & respected in the Underground Hip Hop circuit, some are unknown. You can tell of the progression of my production as well as the equipment I used: the EMU-SP1200 Drum Machine Sampler, the Akai MPC2000 Drum Machine Sampler, & the Propellerhead Reason Software. At the end of the day, it’s not what you use, it’s the individual’s soul & creativity and the product’s end results that really matter. I hope you will enjoy these tracks to listen to & possible compare. I’m still growing as a producer & I hope that you will still be on the lookout for my future production work. The new Visionaries album “V” is AVAILABLE NOW at And the Rawlsmatic (Rhettmatic & J-Rawls) producers’ album is on the way as well, plus some other projects coming soon.

Thank you everyone! And please be safe & stay healthy……

Beat Junkies

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