Brainorchestra. – E​-​Town General [record] + Mic Doctor [video]

40° 39′ 57.8088” N – 74° 12′ 3.5064” W

Elizabeth. E-Town. Eastwick. The birthplace of Brainorchestra. A melting pot of a city in North Jersey. Cold winters accompanied by Gore-Tex Northfaces & Sour D in dutches. Summers with humid attitudes & frozen ice pops.

Within a city of vast culture & “fast” growing, living builds character in ways any city would. But the gift & curse about being from somewhere like Elizabeth is the rawness of life itself – feeling stuck & figuring a way out of a hole everyone is stuck in. Constant repetition of life & comfortability within the city that caters to everything we need.

It isn’t much like NYC, Cali or other states that have bigger opportunities since we have to gain imaginary respect from these places. But the reality is – it’s a blessing to be wherever you are from & representing the best way you can.

In this way, Brainorchestra keeps Eastwick NJ on his back with positive intent. Continuing to represent & slowly help those around him push forward is beyond what most have done for him before.

This is what legends do. This is what the truth in the flesh sounds & looks like. This is what Brainorchestra is displaying for you the people, worldwide, what it is to be from The Wick. The Garden State. Dirty Jerz – “the shadow of NYC”.

Take this record & respect it. Listen to it as if it’s you, from where you are from, & the difficulties it took to have people around the world respect & love your creations.

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