Rapper Big Pooh – 41 [tape]

Decided to open up my Serato and give you a gift on my birthday. Some of my favorite Rapper Big Pooh songs, a couple unreleased joints sprinkled in, along with a demo or two…

Happy Birthday to me…and you if you’re celebrating a birthday today, Happy Birthday to you too!

1. Medicine Man
2. On My G
3. Macaroni
4. Pay Attention (unreleased)
5. Zone Out
6. They Say
7. In My World
8. ETA (demo)
9. Nothing Less
10. Too Real
11. Geez Like Deez
12. The Clock (OG version)
13. Freebasin
14. Follow My Lead
15. Strongest Man
16. Respect Due
17. Dusty
18. Don’t Change
19. The Fever
20. Shooter (demo)
21. Homecoming (unreleased)
22. Gold Chain
23. Where I Am
24. El Fin (unreleased)

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