Dex & Kazi – Oil & Water feat. DJ Grazzhoppa

Oxnard’s Dex and Kazi release their new single titled “Oil & Water”, featuring DJ Grazzhoppa on the cuts. Dex providing the raps and the song is produced by Kazi.

“The track is about truth vs BS in the form of a lyrical showcase. Truth being “Water” and the BS being “Oil”. These days attention spans are considerably short and seemingly getting shorter. What I’ve begun to notice is these so called “artists” tossing “stuff” together and spinning it so fast, that they look like one thing. The optical illusion is then waved in front of our faces as “whatever they wish to call it”. But no matter how good of a spin one put on the two, like “Oil & Water”, the BS and truth will always separate.” -Dex

“I’ve been working with Dex since 2016. He was featured on my first EP with the Below System Records on the track titled “The Horror”. We soon followed that up with a feature on the “Keys 2 Kazi” album on the track “Must Be The Liquor”. I’ve always respected his work and felt that he needed to be heard more. Once I made the beat I said to myself “damn I need Dex on this asap”! I sent him the beat and was more than pleased with what he sent back. Thanks to Kankick for putting me on to this cat, he’s truly one of the best emcees from the OX! -Kazi

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