Jade Relics – “Start Over” (Lyric Video)

Grab the single and more: https://linktr.ee/jaderelics​

As their debut single “With You” continues to make waves, the Vermont-based production trio known as Jade Relics follow up with the boombap, genre-bending banger “Start Over.”Producer Rico James provides the foundation of thick drums and sample chops which are layered with instrumentation from singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Elder Orange. The song’s intertwining first and third person narrative about being stuck in a cycle of heartbreak and unhappiness finds emcee/producer IAME zooming in to fine detail while Elder Orange anchors the track with soulful melodies and a soaring hook. “Start Over” is its own world – a seamless blend of psychedelic rock, r&b and hip hop that will leave listeners craving more from this versatile and dynamic new group.

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