Scorcese, Zilla Rocca & Panels – Ode To Raekwon [audio]

Most likely the last song ever recorded by Lorde Jones Scorcese, “Ode To Raekwon” was concepted by Zilla Rocca and Scorcese via text messages on January 12th, 2021- Raekwon’s birthday. The following day, Scorcese sent a draft of his verse to Zilla via voice text over this Panels beat. Unfortunately, Scorcese passed away on January 15th, leaving Zilla to work his magic and piece together this final masterpiece.

Zilla Rocca:
“Scorcese and I were always talking about Raekwon. When it was Raekwon’s birthday this year, we were texting about how important he has always been to us. It made me revisit his appearance on our podcast Call Out Culture where we spoke about Raekwon for 2 hours. After revisiting that pod, I let him know he and I were born to make a song called “Ode to Raekwon”, a companion to his all-time banger “Ode to Camp Lo” with Griff and Alaska. HE WAS WITH IT! He sent me a beat from Panels and we were off to the races! Shells started texting me some lines, and I responded in kind. He eventually just recorded himself reading the rhymes to me on his voice recorder app and sent it over via text. I one-upped him by sending over my verse along with a Lex Diamonds-friendly chorus. His last text back to me after hearing it was ‘YOOOOOOOOO!’ That’s how I like to remember Scorcese – an eternal fan, a passionate collaborator, an unstoppable ball of creativity that wanted to craft great art all the time. Ode to Raekwon is the last song I got to make with him, but it’s somehow fitting that he passed while we were celebrating one of his heroes. That’s who he was – someone who genuinely loved celebrating other people. So it’s time we celebrate him again.”

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