Donwill – Space EP

A little under a year ago I dropped an EP titled SAFE and today I bookend it with a companion piece tilted SPACE. Where as SAFE was a set of songs examining the need to be and feel safe this time around I took some time to examine what it means to have space as a black person in America.

Space is something that I think about constantly. If I’m not actively thinking about it I am consequently dealing with the various ways it affects me. The last year has really forced me to deal with the concept of space in ways that I’ve never really even considered.

On this project the concept of space presents itself in a number of ways both personally and artistically. I created this set of songs in an entirely new living space. I didn’t fill this project up with raps like I usually do, this time I left space for you to have your own thoughts about the theme only chiming in at the end to say a few words.

Thank you for making space in your life for my music. It is greatly appreciated. Hopefully you enjoy listening to this project as much as I enjoyed making it.


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