Jeru The Damaja – WIZUN – Official Lyric Video

Jeru The Damaja’s 7th new lyric, “WIZUN” pays homage to the IZZ street slang of the ’70s and ’80s.

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Every neighborhood in America at that time had some form of this jargon.

You can hear examples of this idiom in the hit songs the Double Dutch Bus, Roxanne, Roxanne, and, in the ’90s, Snoop Dogg popularized the izzle version of the slang.

Jeru takes it to the next level with “WIZUN” rocking the whole rhyme using the IZZ Slang from his Brooklyn E.N.Y neighborhood.

Jeru explains:

“Me and my friends use to talk like this all day when I was growing up in the hood; we had many intricate versions of this lingo, making it almost impossible for anyone the wasn’t in the clique to understand.

This is the beginner level; I wouldn’t wanna blow your mind too much.”

A fat funky beat and elaborate rhyme scheme make “Wizun” wizut rizeal hizip hizop iziz abizout, wizord!!

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