Duncecap – Bad Breath (‘Toid Up) feat. Googie & Lt Headtrip [prod. Samurai Banana] | VIDEO

Duncecap and Samurai Banana invite you into their wacky world of overindulgence and Altoid abuse in this self-directed music video for Bad Breath. What bizarre food will Dunce consume? Will any amount of breath mints ever hide the evidence? Lt Headtrip joins Dunce and his assistant, played by Kayla Klatzkin, to sell you Altoids for all different occasions and uses, and Googie walks you through a casual afternoon at his local grocery. Watch for the surprise at the end!

You can stream Duncecap’s album, Human Error, produced entirely by Samurai Banana, at the Karma Kids’ Bandcamp and anywhere you listen to music:

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